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Art Supplies Haul

Whether you’re taking an Art course at GCSE, A Level, Degree or similar or you’re just interested in art, having your own art supplies is essential to be able to experiment and practice with different techniques and medias outside of the classroom. It’s also really nice to have your own art suppliesto take to class such as brushes, paints and pencils that haven’t already been ruined by everyone else. At school I find it so hard to find a clean paintbrush where the bristles haven’t already been splayed or a palette that’s not coated in hard acrylic, so most people in my Art class have started bringing their own supplies with them, and I think that’s actually a really good idea so here’s my art supplies haul!

Paintbrushes  This year I have bought 4 new packets of paintbrushes - that sounds like a lot - but I did actually need all of them! I bought new set of acrylic brushes from WHSmith as my current set are getting a bit old and misshapen now. Some watercolour brushes again from WHSmith …

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